Established nearly a century and a half ago, the company’s rich history began when W K Morton first brought mechanical typesetting to the heart of rural Lincolnshire.

Fast forward to today and, with printing and publishing still at its core, Mortons shows no signs of slowing down. The launch of new websites, the upgrading of current systems and the introduction of new products, services and events is currently at the heart of Mortons’ activities as it embraces the exciting challenges that the new digital age has to offer.

What does Mortons do?

In 2013, after continued growth and expansion despite the world’s economic problems, Mortons of Horncastle brought all of its operations under one single company of which it remains the whole owner.

Today, Mortons Media Group consists of four divisions – publishing, events, print and mailing. More than 20 regular hobbyist-led publications are written and designed within its offices, 12 individual motoring events are hosted and a wide range of print and mailing contracts are fulfilled.

With a constant eye on the future, taking on the exciting challenges that the new digital age has to offer is at the heart of Mortons of Horncastle’s ethos and will continue to be a driving force behind its operations.

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