Shoot Details

    Photoshoot guidelines
    The assessment begins as soon as the photo location is selected. Riders and photographers assess the road and traffic conditions, amount of visibility for the rider, suitable space for the photographer to stand safely out of the way and other things like camber of the road.

    The rider identifies suitable safe places to turn the bike around without causing danger to themselves or other traffic.

    If the corner is blind and the rider can’t see all the way around it before setting off, there are two options.

    1/ Firstly, move to a different corner - Eliminate the risk

    2/ Secondly, if this corner is the perfect location in every other respect, use one of the other riders (if applicable) and /or the photographer to act as a spotter with agreed hand signals - Control the risk

    arm raised upwards means stop, traffic coming.
    arm waving towards the spotter means go ahead.

    Once the shoot begins, the rider’s word is final. If they don’t believe the location is safe for any reason (road surface, visibility, severity of the corner etc) they must stop the shoot and move on to a more suitable location.

    Risk Assesment

    Is traffic at a workable level...

    Other comments: Overseas launches / photoshoots – Off or on road

    1. Health consideration – Do you require vaccinations for the country you are visiting
    2. Basic travel advice –  e.g. Food safety, bite avoidance etc
    3. Review organisers emergency plan / risk assessments before taking part in any riding activity.

    Useful Numbers

    Mortons Office: Viv Spencer – 01507 529208
    Line Manager responsible:
    Breakdown cover provider and contact information:
    Contact numbers for all involved:

    Procedure in the event of an incident:

    • Contact Viv Spencer on above number.
    • Contact Line Manager (Dan Savage – 01507 529270 / 07879 492455)