This page is for the information and specifications on Listicle Advertising Features (Gift Guide, Top Ten etc. – Multi-advertiser Advertisement Feature Pages)

Listicle Advertising Feature

What is a Listicle?

A “listicle” is an article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item.

See Wikipedia. See

See examples at the bottom of this page.


All social bookings must be made on and the copy submitted here:


What is and isn’t acceptable to submit as copy?

Please DO submit the following for each item on the list:

  • Product (or advertiser) Name
  • Product Photo
  • Product Description
  • Product Link (web address URL)
  • Submit copy at least 7 days before it is due to go live

*All listings require Adnet URN’s along and there is the option of the company logo and social media link if the whole list is including these.

Please AVOID submitting the following:

  • Sending copy directly by email
    • always use the Form, this ensures all of the details are held together in the correct place for any of the Digital Department to work on
  • Print artwork from magazines
    • these can’t be turned into listings, please supply copy as above
  • Service guide listings
    • these are for products, gift guides and ‘top tens’, service guides should be used to promote services, if the article is
  • Offers that are not offers
    • If something is being called an offer then it needs to be an actual offer, e.g. if it is in a ‘Black Friday Offers’ Listicle, it must be a deal or discount and not just a standard product listing.


Here are some examples of Listicles that work well:

The best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to give as gifts

Scootering Black Friday bargains!

Kitchen Garden Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

The movies and books we’d give as gifts